First-year Student K. G. Rakel: "These Studies Are Like a Gift From Heaven!" -

First-year Student K. G. Rakel: “These Studies Are Like a Gift From Heaven!”

First-year Student K. G. Rakel: “These Studies Are Like a Gift From Heaven!”

As September is bursting with new students, we are curious to get to know them and to learn about the generation that is joining our large college community. One of the newcomer is Kamilė Gabrielė Rakel, whose journey to Vilnius Business College was marked by some fateful choices. What is the start of her studies and what else does Kamilė Gabrielė do at our college besides studying?

To College – Through Trials and Tribulations

Kamilė Gabrielė Rakel’s path to studying at Vilnius Business College confirms that what is meant to happen will happen. After successfully enrolling in the TEAM ACADEMY method of studying Business Management and Marketing back in 2021, she had to… collect her documents. After a close relative, her grandmother, suddenly fell ill, Kamilė Gabriele had a difficult decision to make. “My family is small: it’s me, my mother and my grandmother, so it goes without saying that I would stay to take care of her. This period has matured and brought me up. The anxiety I felt and the increased responsibility have given me a life experience that has changed the way I look at many things”, she recalls.

Studies by Team Academy: More Practice and Opportunities

Exactly one year later, Kamilė Gabrielė is now a real TEAM ACADEMY student.  Being active and enterprising, she said she didn’t want to study only dry theory during her studies, so when she heard about the Finnish TEAM ACADEMY method, she was immediately fascinated by it. “I liked the fact that practice plays an important role here – it’s where you get your knowledge. Along with my diploma, I will get three years of experience. This means more opportunities,” comments K.G. Rakel.

While experiencing slight nervousness while waiting for September, the first-year student now says that the start of her studies brings her a lot of good emotions. “These studies are like a gift from heaven! I am very happy about the start because so far everything is going as I expected”, says Kamilė Gabrielė. Interesting lecturers, a balanced study/work schedule, lectures and group meetings, which, according to the student, can be described as a workplace that prepares young people for excellence. And this is not her first experience. Kamilė Gabrielė has been working since she was 15, and has had several different jobs, from waitressing to assisting in an event organisation company. She is looking forward to working on social projects with TEAM ACADEMY students in college, and for her second year she has her sights set on a permanent job in a company with an interesting activity, such as an advertising agency. Perhaps she will set up such an agency together with other TEAM ACADEMY team members?

New Experiences Include Coordinating the Student Representation Office

Student Representation at Vilnius Business College is another new activity for Kamilė Gabrielė, where the energetic first-year student has been appointed as the coordinator. Having already held her first meeting with students interested in participating in the Student Representative Office, she is very excited about her new team. “We have met active people who are full of ideas, sincerity and are eager to act. We communicate a lot, share ideas and create plans. Our first event will take place on 24 October – a meeting and a motivational talk with a famous person. Upcoming plans include getting to know international students, a welcoming event for freshmen, integrated lectures with sophomores, promotion of physical activity and a Christmas party for students.” – says the coordinator.

The Student Representation particularly welcomes second and third year students, their experience and creativity. K.G. Rakel is convinced that participation in such activities is meaningful and useful. “Being involved in the Student Representative Office together with the students is all about the community and the friendship that binds us all. We spend time together, we create, we share. It’s good for everyone. Working together as a team helps to acquire different skills, such as problem-solving, which will definitely be useful in the future,” motivated the new Student Coordinator of Vilnius Business College.

If you would like to join the Vilnius Business College Student Representative Office, please click here.



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